No Sleep Friday

Argh! Sleep didn’t go as planned last night (awoken by a 6 year old at 4am screaming for me!) so I REALLY had to push myself (and everyone else) to get going this morning!!

It is said that you should not ever go to bed with unresolved issues with your loved one.  I decided that a dirty kitchen would be the same and it does not make my morning a good one if I see that my day starts with a mess!  Thus, I found myself being ever so thankful that I had prepared the boys lunches already and had not left the Kitchen a mess overnight.  It usually doesn’t take us as long as we think it does to complete the dishes and wipe everything down.  And I DON’T use the dishwasher for my dishes – yes, I have one (it comes with the apartment) but I don’t use it.  It might seem silly but I don’t have enough dishes to be able to wait for them to be washed and I always felt like I was having to wash them before and after being in the dishwasher anyways.  Besides, the two times (in 3 years) that I have used it I was frightened by the sounds coming from the machine making me think that the whole house was about to flood!


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